Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[number sense activity pages for numerals 1-5]

Hi again. :)

Happy Wednesday! Today was a funny day at preschool. 

Back story...
Last week was spring break, so no school for the whole week. Saturday night I ended up with bronchitis which only worsened on Sunday. Little Goose ended up with the stomach flu on Sunday and threw up pretty consistently every 2 hours

Consequently, I canceled school for Monday. :(
And Tuesday. :( :(

Goosey was better and went to school yesterday. I was starting to feel better [except this horrid cough, but hey, #bronchitis]. And then Grammy started with the stomach flu.


Luke's about ready to move out for a week. Ha!

So I sent a text last night - "Heads up. I'm still coughing, but shouldn't be contagious. Goosey is better. But now Grammy has the stomach flu. I'm planning on school tomorrow but wanted you to be aware of what's going on so you can decide if you're sending your littles or not. I'll open all the windows in the morning and continue to sanitize everything. I'll have on guard diffusing in the classroom."

This morning I had one little guy show up at 9:25 [school starts at 9:30]. His momma and I chatted until about 9:35 when she decided to just take him home. I told her I thought at least a couple of kids would show up... 

She said it was no big deal and they left. At 9:36, I had another little guy come. His momma and I chatted for a minute and he decided to stay. Just as his mom was leaving, another little guy showed up. 

That was all. 

Preschool, Party of 3. 

Not a whole lot of new academic stuff today. Ha, ha.
We wrote in journals, briefly talked about the letters K and k, read stories, played play-doh, played puppets, painted, played outside, and colored with sidewalk chalk. 

It was fun, but my teacher heart smiled when they kept asking if we could be letter detectives or work on our math page. 

Luckily Grammy is feeling better and Luke is showing no signs of illness, so I *think* school is a go for tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is my little littles. My threes. My Glowworms.
They're darling. And hilarious.

We've been working extensively on numbers 1-5. We've made cube towers. We've counted objects. We've written the numbers and traced the numbers, and colored the numbers, and stickered the numbers. They were ready for something more.

Before spring break, I introduced the new Number Sense Activity Pages. 


They were hooked. So funny to see them remind each other about where the sticker dots go on a ten-frame. And to say out loud the steps of writing a number. 


The flip side of the activity page is the writing page. We write the number 5 times each with a pen, a pencil, a crayon, and a marker. Then we draw that number of objects in the box (I've updated these to use simple shapes). They hate writing with pens. It makes me giggle when they have these big annoyed sighs when it comes to that part. #theyaresopickedon ;)


I've listed these pages in both my Teacher's Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers shops. The file sells for $3. 

But...[you knew that was coming, right?!]
I'd like to give away a copy or two of this file! :)

Leave a comment with your email and I'll send it to you to use with your classroom or your own kiddos.
**Giveaway ends Friday, April 14, 2017**

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