Tuesday, April 11, 2017

[upper/lowercase letter sorts] and a giveaway ;)

Each Monday, my "bigs" [4-5 year olds] start the week by learning about the letter of the week. 

I introduce the letter. 

We talk about how to write the letter. 

We compare the new letter to the other letters we've learned. 
What looks the same? 
What is different? 

Then I let them take turns writing the new letter [either upper or lowercase] on the white board. 

Often we'll read a picture book that features a character starting with the new letter. 

[side note: Have you read these books?! Hilarious!!! Pirates Love Underpants and Aliens Love Underpants - we read them both during Uu week - and I just saw that they also have Monsters Love Underpants and Dinosaurs Love Underpants!!]

And then we head back to the tables to complete a letter sort.

Good practice with scissors and glue [funny side note - these kiddos really REALLY love using liquid glue! I often give them a choice of liquid or stick glue for this sort and almost always they'll choose liquid!!].


Once the sort is complete, we use these drawing sheets to learn to draw on the back of the sheet, an object that starts with the letter of the week.

It's a quick, light, simple way to introduce the new letter or to reinforce what the upper and lowercase letter look like.

You can find the file here [Teacher's Notebook] or here [Teachers Pay Teachers].

But...I'd like to give away a few copies of this file. If you think this would be useful in your classroom or home, please leave a message with your email and I'll send you a copy! :) 

**giveaway only valid until April 13, 2017**

Thanks for hanging out with me!

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  1. Would love to use this with my binders! Have a few still working on letters!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.