Monday, January 19, 2015

[Detective Scoot FREEBIE!!] CCSS 1.OA.D.7

One more game.  One more chance for my littles to practice this before the test. I'm pretty sure that I found and fixed any errors.  However, if you see something out of place, PLEASE let me know.  Image is linked.  This one's free for a few days.  Maybe forever.  

Bread is rising, and I'm going to do something.  Not sure what.  Maybe play with paper.  Maybe make a game for the next chapter.  Maybe make a review sheet for Go Math Chapter 5.  Maybe have a nap.  Wouldn't that be so nice?!

McKayslin and I went to town today and found some great things to decorate Kenton's grave for Valentine's Day.  Tomorrow after school we'll stop to see our boy, take down Christmas (finally!), and put up llloooove day.  Thursday marks 2 years that Kenton's been gone.  This is a super hard week for our family.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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