Sunday, November 4, 2012

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Thank you so much for your support for our family through purchases at Teacher's Notebook!  I am so excited about the donation to be made to CureSearch in Kenton's name.  I can't even explain what this means to our family!
Kenton is improving each day.  As soon as his platelets cooperate and stick around for 2 days in a row, he'll be released from PCMC!!
He and Luke will remain in SLC for the rest of the 100 days post transplant.
McKayslin and I will spend our weekends with them.
We sure love our weekends!
We've learned so much about our family through this journey.
Please consider stopping by the Team Kenton blog to keep up on Kenton's progress and our family's journey as we continue working to find happiness during heartbreak.
Now, for today's activity.
Our district adopted Go Math! this year.
I absolutely adore Go Math!
One of the things I love the very most is that it really gives us, as teachers, ways to help our students develop thinking strategies in regards to mathematics.
We have lots of practice - and much of the fact practice uses "backwards" facts (ie: facts that have the sum on the left instead of on the right).  :)
So. . .after a bit of encouragement from Dana (thanks, Dana!), I sat down and created
Incognito Sums!
25% off through November 15.
I hope your kiddos love this game!
See you Tuesday!


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  1. This is really a clever game! I love the rules of the game the solidify the concepts. Thank you very, very much!!