Friday, November 2, 2012

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November 2.
Day 2 of the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Sale in my shop.
Up today. . .the November Reading_Handwriting Fluency Pack.
I love using these in my classroom.
I'm amazed as I see the progress in my students' handwriting and their willingness and ability to read difficult passages.
The November Pack is only $2 at Teacher's Notebook.
But. . .it's on sale at a 25% discount through November 15.
So you can get the 4 passage pack (enough passages to use one a week for the month of November) for only $1.50!!
But, that's not even the best part!
For me, the very best part is what Steve and Debbie at Teacher's Notebook are going to do with every purchase made in my shop from November 1 - November 15!
They have offered to donate MATCHING FUNDS of every sale in my shop over those 14 days to CureSearch - the leading pediatric cancer research foundation - in Kenton's name.
Do you realize what this means for children suffering through pediatric cancer?!
CureSearch uses 97 cents of every dollar donated directly in research of pediatric cancer.
I genuinely appreciate every single sale, not only because your purchases will be providing Christmas for my children this year, but because for the next 14 days, your purchases will be providing funding for the one thing that has been our family's heartbreak over the past 4 months.
My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Steve and Debbie for their willingness to spread the word about pediatric cancer and to donate to CureSearch!
Please join us.
Be part of the cure.
Thank you!


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