Friday, November 9, 2012

[Emergency Sub Plans] [CureSearch]

A giant thanks heading out to those of you that have purchased items from my Teacher's Notebook shop over the past week!
Our family sincerely appreciates your support!
Today's item took a LOT longer than I had planned for it to take.
However, the finished product is exactly what I'd hoped!
There have been a few times in my career that I've seriously been too ill to go to school to make detailed sub plans.
I've sent e-mails to my colleagues asking them to print off my plans and copies and get everything ready for me.
They willingly ablige, but I feel guilty for the entire day (and most of the next week) knowing that I added stress to their morning.
And now, with everything that's going on with Kenton, I've felt for a while that I needed to have something that was sub ready just in case.
Introducing my first set of EMERGENCY SUB PLANS!  :)
This set is focused around the book My Friend is Sad, and Elephant and Piggie book by
Mo Willems.
  Emergency Sub Plans feature activities in math, fact discovery and recording, writing (with a rubric!), spelling, reading comprehension, and PE.
22 pages that you just need to print off, make copies for your class, purchase the book, and BAM! Sub Plans for the day ready to go.
On sale at a 25% discount through November 15.
My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Steve and Debbie at Teacher's Notebook, who in their own time of need dealing with Superstorm Sandy, generously offered to match all purchases made in my shop with a donation to CureSearch in Kenton's name.
THANK YOU for sticking with me and my sporadic postings.
I'd promise to do better, but well, that's just a promise I am not able to make.
I'll be here when I can with new and fun stuff.
Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!!


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