Thursday, September 13, 2012

[Daily Review] September_Part 2

10 pages of Daily Review.

Perfect for the second half of September in First Grade.

Or as a self-start activity and/or assessment for 2nd grade!

Number Bonds, Part-Part-Whole Models, Model Drawing (unless you don't use model drawing, which you really should, but if you don't, you can teach your kiddos how to dissect and solve a story problem using your preferred method), Sentence Editing, Making Interesting Sentences.

It's all there.
Every day.
Good stuff, I tell you, good stuff.

$3 at Teacher's Notebook.
Available now.

The font is one of my favorites.
It's CK Handprint.
AKA Rachel's Handwriting.
Rachel is my friend.
Every time I use this font, it reminds me of her.
And makes me smile.
Because she's awesome.

I'd love to chat more.
I'm exhausted.

See you Monday with a couple of really fun writing resource pages.

Thanks for shopping My Little Classity Class.
Your Teacher's Notebook purchases will be providing Christmas for my kiddos this year.  :)


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