Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[The PENCIL SHARPENER Issue] problem solved

16 years I've been teaching school.
16 years.
Over the years, I've purchased a minimum of 2 pencil sharpeners each year.
Crank sharpeners.
Electric sharpeners.
Heavy Duty sharpeners.
Cheap sharpeners.
Top of the line sharpeners.
Trying to find something, anything, that works and lasts.

Last year I gave up.
I bought mechanical pencils.
That was a pain.
And a half.

And then. . .I saw a few reviews for The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener.
I couldn't resist.  
I was TIRED of stupid pencil sharpeners.
Frustrated at the amount of money I'd spent on sharpeners in the past.
I ordered 1.
Okay, I ordered 3.
The reviews were amazing.
I thought if the sharpeners were half as cool as everyone said, they would be awesome.

My order came super fast.
I kept one at home, took one to school, and gave one to McKayslin's teacher.

Our first experience with the sharpener at home was to sharpen one of those "special" pencils - the glittery, shiny, fancy ones that normal sharpeners would tear to pieces and never really sharpen.  I'll admit that we were thinking this was just going to be yet another sharpener that would soon go to the sharpener graveyard.

I'm happy to admit that it didn't.
That super shiny fancy special pencil sharpened right up.
Nice sharp point.
No rough edges.

At school, I quickly sharpened 50 pencils for my kids.
Sent their mechanical pencils home.
And we stuck with the AWESOME sharpener!

Those pencils stayed sharp enough for my kiddos to only need 2 pencils a day (most times only one!) and we do a LOT of writing!!
Leads didn't break.
Pencils weren't ruined.

My favorite part about this pencil sharpener?
It STOPS sharpening when the pencil is sharp.
You can keep on turning the handle if you'd like, but it won't gobble up your pencil.

Do I let my first graders use my special sharpener?
Does it hold up?
It's still as wonderful now as it was on the first day.
And when the blade gets dull, I CAN ORDER REPLACEMENTS!
That, my friends, is totally unheard of!

Troy has created an incredible product.

If I ever need to replace this sharpener, it will be with another exactly like it.
You can't get a better sharpener.
And the price honestly can't be beat.

So. . .if you're needing a sharpener, hop on over to Classroom Friendly Supplies and order you one (or three - they're cheaper that way and shipping is free!).
I promise you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Oh my gosh Deb thank you!! Every single day Chance complains about our pencil sharpener! Every.Single.Day lol I may even get him one for Christmas that's how much I know he would like it :)