Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[super fast post, a freebie, and a deadline]

I'm up against a super tight deadline this morning to get a district assessment rewritten along with a set of model drawing pages finished up before 9 am.
Procrastination?  Why, yes, I am very well acquainted with procrastination.

Anyway. . .came up with this little peer editing checklist yesterday - I know there are 8 bazillion of them out there in blog-land, but I didn't want to search them out.
Laziness?  Why, yes, in fact, I'm very well acquainted with that, too.

If you can use this, the image is linked to the pdf file.  There are 2 on a page.  It worked really really well with my class yesterday (we've done very little peer editing).  I had them focus on one checklist item at a time.  They were remarkably accurate in their observations.  And kind of shocked that when they assured me they had, indeed, done everything on that list to their own papers, when they looked over the editing checklist and their papers again, they saw that they, indeed, had not.  Ha!  Score one for the mean old teacher.  ;)

Now, I really must get to work on that assessment.
Right after I get the boy off to school, lunches packed for Little Miss and I, the puppy taken potty, and breakfast fixed and eaten.
Maybe breakfast will be toast and chocolate milk for Little Miss and a granola bar while I work for me. . .

Later 'gators!


  1. Hey, procrastination and Laziness are very good friends of mine. I hope you're able to get everything done in time.

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! I did get everything done and only royally messed up one thing, lol. I think I need to break up with procrastination and laziness!!

  2. Ideal for these last few weeks. Thanks!!

  3. Ideal for these last few weeks. Thanks!!

  4. I'm going to try your peer editing form tomorrow. They always say, yes, I checked mine, and yes, I checked my friend's. But really, they didn't.

  5. I've been thinking about this. After 140 days of reminding them that a sentence has a capital letter and punctuation, I am worn out! Maybe they'll remember better if it comes from their friend! Worth a try :)

  6. I sooo need this! Thank you!