Friday, May 11, 2012

[Facebook Friday] Come play along. . .

What a week this has been.
I'm ready for the weekend.
Seriously wishing I could just put my jammies on and stay in my house the entire weekend!!

Oh well.
Some weeks years are like that.

On the flip side, I have some of the most awesome kids and moms in my class this year!
Wednesday (which was a terrible horrible no good very bad day), the moms showed up for rotations with lots of diet coke and a bowl full of yummy treats.  The best part was the notes that they wrote to accompany those surprises.

And then, yesterday, my incredibly wonderful, thoughtful, generous, sweet head room mom shows up with a very thick, heavy card.  Hands it to me, and leaves.

Stupid me.
I made the mistake of opening it right then.
I bawled.
A lot.
The kindest note.  And a gift card to Texas Roadhouse.  And a gift card to ColdStone.  And a gift card to the movie theatre.  All of my favorite things.
11 of my kids' families had pitched in to make this gift possible.
So incredibly delightful!

I hope you've been appreciated and spoiled this week.
I smile and tear up every time I think of the kindnesses I've been shown.

Okay - back to FRIDAY!!!!!
It's Facebook Friday.  ;)

to read the rules and play along.
Everyone who plays wins a little prize.
One person will win a bigger prize.
You'll have to come to Facebook to find the rules.

Thanks for playing!

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  1. Sounds like you have some Fabulous room moms. I'm glad you got a nice treat.