Thursday, May 10, 2012

[Celebrating Awesomeness]

If you've been around my bloggity blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love to celebrate the awesomeness with my class.
Whenever they do something great, unexpected (in a good way, lol), or surprise me with an explanation of a concept, we have a little "bell ringer" moment where I ding the dingie bell, stop teaching, pull out a card and a treat (something small - a starburst, a laffy taffy, a jolly rancher), write a note on the card for the student to take home - while saying OUT LOUD what I am writing so everyone can hear, hand the note and the treat to the student, and carry on with the lesson.

It's an incredibly powerful moment.
You should see the sparkle that comes into that student's eyes, the smile on their face!

The motivation that it provides to other students in the class who may be a little less than motivated. . .

With only a few days weeks left of school, it's time to bump up the quantity of these little bell ringer moments, at least in my classroom.  Maybe your littles are still working hard and not needing extra motivation?

Here are 2 sets of celebrating the awesomeness cards.  The first has 4 on a page (both sets print on standard 8.5x11 size paper - I use white cardstock), so the cards are quarter sheet size.
This 2nd set has 16 on a page - they are about 2.5x2 inches each - perfect if you want to slip one in your own child's lunchbox, your spouse's wallet, or to use as a just because when you need a little note.
Go forth - celebrate the awesomeness.
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Digital Elements used courtesy of Dandelion Dust Designs.
Font (Missy with a Marker) used courtesy of Kevin and Amanda.


  1. What a wonderful idea and how great to motivate your students like that!


  2. What a sweet idea. Thank you for sharing. I am your newest follower.
    Classroom Companion

    1. Welcome, Sandra! Glad you're here! Can't wait to stop by your blog! :)

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Fun in Room 4B