Monday, April 23, 2012

[Daily Review 10 pack]

I have a few of you that are LOVING the daily review sheets.  :)
I use these every day to do a quick check on my littles' progress.
They take just about 10 minutes for my average littles to complete - the math is pretty tough on this set, so I'm going to give them about 15 minutes to complete these this week. 

After they complete the page independently and hand it in, we go through the page together as a class on the projector.  This gives those kids that really didn't understand what to do that bit of knowledge they might need to begin progressing.  I make my littles talk through every step.  Every reason.  They are learning to think and speak not only mathematically, but also in regards to sentence editing and expansion.  I've notice a HUGE difference in their writing after asking them to expand a sentence each day!!

I just posted the 10 pack (2 week's worth!) on Teacher's Notebook.
Hop on over and check it out if you're interested.

Thanks for supporting me in my little Teacher's Notebook adventure.
I appreciate each and every sale!


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