Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Mathematics Brain Busters] v5

I really have no idea where the time went this week.
No idea at all.

Friday was a great day at school but a very stressful day at our district PLC.
I must say how grateful I am for the support I received not only from district personnel, but from many of my first grade colleagues.  It wasn't an easy PLC to be in charge of, that's for sure, but having such an awesome support system really made a big difference.

I did, however, end the day with a migraine, a killer stomachache, and an 8:30 bedtime, lol.  I felt MUCH better Saturday morning!

We've had a fantastic weekend as a family!  Daily bike rides averaging between 4 1/2 and 5 miles, lots of just hanging out, and some fun meals together.  I love love love my family and am grateful for this weekend to recover from life and just enjoy being together!

This week is going to be an interesting week at school.  Tomorrow we have a "Friday" schedule.  First grade has a field trip and a spring room parent party.  Add reading groups and lunch into that, and you have our day.  Easy sneezy lemon peasy and awfully fun to boot!  Tuesday is a scheduled "furlough" day - we generally do parent teacher conferences on those days, but we've already done ours, so Tuesday is a day off.  Can I just tell you how great that is going to be?!  Wednesday-Friday is life as normal.  Might be a little high maintenance after such a crazy start to the week, but that's okay.

I know I said that this week's brain busters would have graphing and fractions, but guess what?!  My littles don't need much practice on that, so I'm pulling the things that they struggled with the most on our EOL assessment for the brain busters.  :)
There are some tough questions on the EOL and we need some practice with much of the content.  Because these are created specifically for our district, they'll contain that material.  That's just how it has to be. 

How grateful I am for every little thank you left for these.  I'm so glad that they are working in your classrooms!  My littles LOVE brain buster time and are getting really quite good at the skills we have been practicing.

The images are linked to the pdf download containing this week's pages.
Have a great rest of the day. . .I'm off to finish making dinner with Little Miss while the boys are at scout camp planning meeting.  Did I mention what a great weekend this has been?!


  1. Thank you! My weekend has been a GREAT family weekend too! I appreciate your time to make these. They sure help!!

  2. Thank you again. Love these!

  3. I love these brain busters so much!


  4. Sorry been out of touch, so I'm trying to catch up with your Brain Busters & etc. Love it ALL! Was on a Wash DC trip with my senior daughter's class. Awesome experience! Thanks again, Jackie

  5. Those are great. Question though, the number bond ones on the bottom, do they just add?

  6. Thank you for sharing these!
    I plan to start tomorrow!