Thursday, March 22, 2012

[SUPER STAR] cards to celebrate the awesomeness

My littles have gone through 2 full bags of Laffy Taffy with our celebrating the awesomeness cards I posted last.  That's a lot of awesomeness!  :)

I was looking for something a little different when I remembered Kim Hughes' blog PaperSmooches.  I adore Kim's style and would buy everything she ever made if only I could afford it!  She has some free digi stamps available on her blog that are so very cute!  I made a set of SUPER STAR cards to use in my classroom and thought maybe some of my teacher friends might like them, too.

So. . .I e-mailed Kim, and her response was so kind!
Special thanks goes out to Kim Hughes for this set of celebrating the awesomeness cards - she gave permission for me to share this file with you, so you can print them to use in your classroom (I attached a single Starburst to each card)!!
Thanks, Kim!

I love using these in my classroom!  My littles sit up a little straighter, try a little harder, behave a little better, and give a little more when they know I'm looking for "bell dingers!" That's what we call them, because I always ding-ding-ding my ding-y bell and make a BIG production about writing on the card!  Everyone gets to watch me fill it in (on the projector) and listen as I say what I'm writing.  You should see the sparkle in my littles' eyes when they get a bell dinger!  It's super cool!  And, you know what?  When I give one, I want to give more, and because I've taken the minute (seriously all it takes!) to give one, I really CAN give more because my littles are earning more!  It's truly a win-win.

Have a great day!  Print some of these cute little cards, buy a bag of Starbursts, find the bell dinger behavior, and LOVE your kids, your day, your job.  Seriously.  :)

Okay - off my soapbox, lol.


  1. This sounds like such a fun way to reward the kids. Thank you for sharing. (when I tried to download it, says your out of bandwidth and won't do the download.)

  2. Thanks, Rhonda! I've moved the file to Teacher's Notebook. Looks like I need to delete some things from or start posting all freebies through Teacher's Notebook. :)