Friday, March 23, 2012

[Mathematics BRAIN BUSTERS] EOL review

Here in Utah we don't administer a state assessment at the end of kindergarten, first, or second grades.  That could change with the adoption of the Common Core, but for now, that's where we are.  Don't hate me.  :)

However, our district has chosen to implement an End Of Level Assessment for grades 1 and 2.  (Not sure on K, they weren't at our meeting last night).  Looking over the rough draft of the assessment, I found some areas in which my littles need some definite practice!!  Hmmmm. . .we love "contests" in our class - chances to "show off" and be rewarded for our awesomeness. . .so - BRAIN BUSTERS it is!

Each day for the next few weeks, my littles will have a chance to complete a BRAIN BUSTER challenge sheet.  Each correct answer will earn them one point towards their goal of 50 points.  Once they reach 50 points, they'll get a special certificate and reward.  With 6-7 questions on each BRAIN BUSTER sheet, it won't take too long to start accumulating points.  This will give me a really good idea which littles need MUCH more review/practice/reteaching and which littles are going to knock my socks off on the EOL assessment.  I *think* I already have that information, but. . .with firsties, do we ever really know?! 

Anyway. . .here are the first three MATHEMATICS BRAIN BUSTER challenge sheets.
These are uploaded at Teacher's Notebook (because I'm out of bandwidth at but are FREE.  I've combined them into ONE file.
If you're in my district, this might be helpful review - just sayin'!  ;)
(You'll get your first peek at the EOL Assessment at our April meeting)
Perhaps this is useful to other teachers?
If so, take it, love it, use it, pin it, you know the drill.

 Graphics are from Mr. Bubblegum.  LOVE the Mr. Smarty Pants set!!
My puppy and I are both getting haircuts this weekend.
Not from the same person, of course.  Ha, ha.
But. . .I am very excited for a trim and highlight refresher.


  1. Thanks for sharing! They look great for 1st grade!

    Have you tried dropbox? I have been using it for 2 years and love it! I just did a post about it on my blog!


    An Education Lasts a Lifetime

  2. Thank you, what fun practice sheets.

  3. Just downloaded them & can't wait to use. Thanks so much & can't wait to use.

    Haven't had time to check out any others yet:( May be a summer project. Jackie

  4. These are awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will you be making more? My first graders will love the idea of trying to earn 50 points for a prize.