Friday, March 23, 2012

[Dropbox] Join Me?

Ali of Education Lasts a Lifetime reminded me of this great little site called DropBox.

Being out of bandwidth (never happened before, but it has now) at is creating kind of a problem with sharing my files.  I *think* the bandwidth resets at the first of each month, but that leaves 8 days until I can share with you again unless I put everything on Teacher's Notebook. . .

Until (drumroll, please). . .DropBox!

I'm going to be adding my files there.  Hopefully the downloads will be smoother and we won't encounter the dreaded "exceeded bandwidth" messages.  :)

You WILL be able to download files without having your own DropBox account.

However, if you create an account through my link, we'll BOTH earn an extra 250 MB of storage space!  Even if you don't ever plan on using your account, this would really REALLY help me be able to share more files with you.  So. . .pretty please won't you create an account?

You'll be able to work on any of your own files from any computer/mobile device without copying everything to a flash drive or external hard drive or e-mailing a copy of the file to yourself.  You can start something at school, finish it at home, and it's all saved right there in your account.  It's pretty awesome, actually!

Anyway. . .here's the link to create your own account which will get BOTH of us extra storage space.  DropBox.

Thanks and have a great weekend!!