Sunday, March 25, 2012


There's this new thing that is supposed to take the Pinterest world by storm.

Heard of it?

Until I get some friends to join through this link, I can't really tell how great (or un-great) it's going to be (10 friends have to sign up through your link for you to gain full access).  So. . .if you want to have a dashboard to help make Pinterest even better than it already is, schedule pins, and get stats about your pins, click on the image above and let's get this party started!  :0)

Have a great Sunday!  We're currently sequestered in our house with round TWO of strep - Little Miss this time! It came on super fast Friday night with a way high fever and "throat that hurts in a weird way." The throat part we attributed to worry for cousin Cole who just had his tonsils out and was hurting pretty bad.  Well. . until the "weird hurt" continued through the whole day yesterday and she just couldn't get warm even in her footie jammies snuggled in 2 blankets.  Uncontrollable fever.  Yep.  A visit to the dr. confirmed strep within 3 minutes of the test being started.  :(

She'll uncontagious by 9 pm tonight.
Just in time for one more FULL WEEK of school before spring break!
I'm working on some more brain busters mathematics challenges.
I'll let you know when those are ready.

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  1. How does Pinerly work? Can't figure out what to do once I get to the link!