Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[reading and handwriting fluency] pack 2_water and seasons

Remember THIS post?
The one about reading and handwriting fluency?
My littles LOVE LOVE LOVE the chicken page!  It's so funny to hear them speaking about chickens as if they are professional chicken farmers, lol.
They're already asking what we'll be reading about next week!
I figured I'd better get ready - so now, with pack 1 (chickens, rabbits, ducks) and pack 2 (2 passages about water and 2 passages about seasons), I'm set for almost the rest of the year!  :)
Looking for non-fiction reading fluency practice and/or handwriting fluency practice?
Here's set 2!
2 passages for each.

Honestly this takes just about 5 minutes per day and that INCLUDES the correcting of the handwriting pages!

Give it a shot - I think you'll like it!  :)

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