Thursday, February 2, 2012

[groundhog day]

The past 3 days have belt an awful lot like that movie Groundhog Day where everything is exactly the same!  I'm finally feeling better (thankfully!) and heading back to school today!

It's snowing here, now.  :)

My plans for today (other than surviving and cleaning up after 3 days of being gone) include lots and lots of Groundhog Day math/reading/writing/science.  It's going to be a good day.  I hope.  My monkeys will either be SUPER well behaved or SUPER naughty.  I'm praying for the first. . .

Our day is going to look something like this:
We'll start with Phil's Math Message and a Groundhog Dot To Dot instead of our normal math timing.
Then we'll have reading groups.
After reading groups, we'll have a quick break, and come back to

A quick round or two of Where's Phil? will be followed by I have, Who has...with Groundhog Day vocabulary words and the creation of our very own Thumbprint Groundhogs!  We'll cut our little groundhogs out and head outside to make our own predictions.
Time to learn a SONG about groundhog day!
We'll do a regular math lesson, write a story (maybe something like this instead):,

 and go to lunch.
This super fun art activity will get squeezed in sometime today, too. . .
Or maybe this one. . .
But definitely THIS ONE!

We'll have music and phonics and spelling.  Recess.  And learning stations where we'll be doing many more Groundhog Activities!

It's going to be a crazy busy super fun day!
And 100 day is tomorrow.  Wow.
Nothing like coming back with a bang!  :)

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  1. Loved these--will have to remember them for next year! :) Thanks! (Ohh and the conversation hearts are just too cute!)

    First Grade and Fabulous