Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[conversation hearts] alphabetical order EDITED WITH THE CORRECT RECORDING SHEET!

Looking forward to heading back to school today (even if I have to take a bucket or a port-a-potty with me!) so I can break out these fun conversation heart activities!
So far I've shared a Model Drawing practice and a Fact Family/Number Bond practice.

Today I'm sharing an EDITED Alphabetical Order practice activity.
One of my littles pointed out that, um, teacher, doesn't alphabetical have 2 As?!
Ha, ha, yep.  Guess it does.  This download has the correct version of the recording sheet.
I really should not create activities when I don't feel good. . .
My apologies!  Please download the new (correct) version!  :)

I added a few more hearts to the download.  I'll still need a few sets to be able to give my littles each 4 hearts at a time, but that's okay. 
The past 2 days have been super quiet at my house with only sick little me here.
I've been so very grateful for Miss Jones, my fabulous colleague who ran all of my copies and prepped everything for my subs.  I owe her big time!
Hoping for a very good day. . .

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