Monday, January 30, 2012

[candy hearts] fact families and number bonds

My little classity class has some severe allergies this year.
All tree nuts and coconut.
Did you know that nearly every "holiday" treat either contains coconut oil or is processed in a facility that processes nuts/grains?  To keep my littles safe, I've had to be super vigilant about what comes into our classroom for snacks and treats.  Certainly not complaining, though, because my littles are pretty awesome, and keeping them safe is much more important than any cutesy I've done this every other year activity.  :)
This does present some challenges, though, because a lot of those I've done this every other year activities are pretty fun.  So. . .we adapt.
For this year, we'll use paper candy hearts to fill in a number bond and fact family (like our Fact Family Friends page).
Special thanks go to Nikki at MelonHeadz (again, I know, I'm addicted, lol) for these awesome graphics!
Whether you have allergy concerns in your classroom, a strict policy against treats, or just a desire to not increase the sugar to child ratio in your classroom, give this little activity a try.  Your kiddos might not even miss those chalky, slightly disgusting, candy hearts.
Image is linked to the PDF download.
I'd LOVE a comment if you take this.  Thanks and happy Tuesday!


  1. That can be so hard at times to have allergies in your classroom. It seems like there is getting to be more and more of it. Love the Hearts! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your conversation hearts math and grabbed myself a copy! Thank you bunches. I just love that their are so many creative people who love their job out in bloggy land!

  3. This is perfect! I'm trying to stay away from the sugary snacks! This is all the fun minus the sugar rush!

  4. I am quite behind the times... and just figured out how to leave a comment. Thanks Deb!