Thursday, September 29, 2011

[SCOOT!] adding zero

My kiddos are struggling with addition.
Okay, not totally fair.
Some of my kiddos are struggling with addition.
Others just need some extra practice.

I was blopping (blog hopping) and found this really fun game called SCOOT at Keep Calm and Teach On.  She teaches 3rd grade, so the game set she'd provided didn't quite meet my needs.  Place value.  I'll need that one later in the year!  :)

So. . .this morning I whipped up a recording sheet and set of game cards for my class.
We played SCOOT this morning during math.
It's not only really fun, it moves quickly, and this little game proved to be a really valuable assessment tool for me.  I found out right away which of my kiddos had NO IDEA what was going on with adding zero.  I also found out which kiddos were super great ad adding zero.  And which kiddos were doing okay, but need more time/practice/instruction!
All of that in 5 little minutes!!
(Okay, it took us 15 minutes.  Hey!  It was our first day!!  15 minutes is good, right?!).

Anyway, hop over to Miss Sullard's blog to see how to play, leave her some love for sharing such an awesome idea, and then pop back over here to download your own set of Adding Zero Scoot.  Don't forget to leave some love here, too.
If you're nice, I might even add the files for +1, +2, and +10 tomorrow.  ;)
And smile!  Tomorrow's Friday!!  :)