Sunday, September 25, 2011


As I mentioned in a previous post, the start of this school year has been pretty rough.
Combine the stuff happening at school with illness and injuries on the home front, and some days I really truly should feel like a zombie!
How am I surviving?  If you've known me for a while, you'll probably say "Diet Coke."  But that's not exactly true.  I really only drink a can or less most days.  My trick is these new vitamins.  Not even kidding.

This has been one of my most difficult weeks.  I somehow messed up my leg and knee and didn't sleep much the entire week because I just hurt so bad.  Yet, I was still able to have enough energy and brain power to work through the day with my little firsties, come home, teach piano, fix dinner (most nights, lol), and not fall into an exhausted can't do anything trance.  It's been wonderful.
Now, I'm not trying to sell anything here (although I do get a few pennies if you order these vitamins through my amazon link).  I'm just offering this knowledge to my teacher friends who may be experiencing that depth of exhaustion that comes with the first few weeks (months?!) of school and might be looking for something that will help.  As a side note, these vitamins WILL turn your urine neon yellow.  Just so you know.  And you won't freak out like I might have.  ;)


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