Friday, September 30, 2011

[SCOOT!] adding 1, adding 10

Okay, so I modified the gameboard to run horizontally allowing more room for writing the facts.  I also added and equal sign to the game pieces.  Should  make for a much smoother game.  :)
To play, cut apart the game pieces and place them on desks in the room.
Every student gets a recording sheet and needs a pencil.
Students begin at their own desk, write the fact and answer in the square numbered the same as the game piece.
30 seconds is just about right for the first few rounds of this game.  Yesterday's game proved to be a great assessment tool for me.  I know EXACTLY which kids had no idea how to add with zero.  Most of them I already had pegged.  A few were a total shocker! 
Might I recommend shadowing those most at risk students so they don't spend the whole time practicing incorrect facts?!
My kiddos LOVED this game!
We're going to play Spelling SCOOT next week.
Today we're going to play adding 1.
Next week we'll subtract. . .maybe.

Remember to leave some love if you download this game.
Original idea came from the Keep Calm and Teach On blog.
Happy Friday!

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