Monday, August 8, 2011

[Back to School Time? Yes, it is! My Top 10!]

1. You stock up on Diet Coke, Excedrin, Tums, and Emergen-C Immune Defense.
2. Your menu plan for the next 2 weeks includes 2 meals of breakfast, 2 trips to McDonald's, 4 meals of mac and cheese, and 2 meals of cold cereal.
3. You purchase gift cards to every restaurant within 20 minutes of your home so when your family asks what's for dinner in the 2 weeks after that, you can offer something besides mac and cheese, breakfast, McDonald's, or cold cereal.
4. You walk through EVERY AISLE of EVERY SCHOOL SECTION in EVERY STORE every.single.time you go.  Just in case.
5. You start having school dreams.  You know.  The ones where you lose your class.  Or you're 3 days late for the first day of school.  Or my newest favorite from this year, you're conducting parent teacher conferences in fluent Spanish.  And the parents you're conferencing with don't speak Spanish.  And neither do you.
6. Your summer tv time is no longer mindless tv with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a diet coke in the other.  It's now mindless tv with a stack of laminated materials in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other.
7. You figure out your school schedule and then only allow yourself to go to the bathroom at recess and lunchtime.
8. You purchase approximately 121 baskets/bins/tubs/buckets to organize your classroom.  Again.
9. You start wearing shoes that aren't flip flops.  And cry about it.
10. You can't decide if you're more excited or sad about summer ending and the new school year beginning. 


  1. hee hee I giggled my way through your list...and there is a mountain of lamination sitting on my couch waiting for my nightly tv... :)Thanks for linking up.