Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[horizontal schedule] love? or hate?

I'm frantically trying to do the "grunt" work that needs to be finished before school starts.  Part of that is setting my schedule up to work in my classroom and then formatting it to be useful to me.  I've always had a 1 page vertical schedule - days of the week at the top, times down the side.  It really wasn't my favorite.  It worked, but it felt scrunchy and messy after I finished filling in the spaces.
So I adapted it to be a 2 page horizontal spread with room to include the CCSS information since I fully intend to be more certain of why I'm teaching what I'm teaching.
However, I'm not sure I love it.  I think it might confuse me, lol.  I'm going to give it a couple of weeks starting at the first of the year to see if I love it or not.  I think I might.  Think and Might being the key words there.
How do you set up your schedule?  1 page?  2 page?  Horizontal?  Vertical?  Am I making this too hard?  I might be.  I have a tendency to do that. . .
Anyway. . .if this might be useful to you, it's in excel format so it's editable (is that a word?!) to fit your needs.

Big gasp, 15 days. . .

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  1. I like it! I've always done mine that way and I find it quite nice. Hope it works well for ya!