Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Absolutely Incredible Kid Day}

Absolutely INCREDIBLE Kid Day!
(Click to find out more about Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!)

I LOVE to celebrate this day with my kiddos!
I'll be adding activities for Incredible Kid Day over the next couple of weeks in preparation for this day (which happens to fall on March 17th this year).
Here are a couple of vocabulary/writing activities that I am going to use. 

(Just for clarification, the student's name goes on the bottom line so, for example, if the student's name were Beth, the amazing page would end with Amazing Beth). 

We used the amazing one yesterday.
LOVED listening to the kids talk about ways that they were amazing!
I'll share some of those soon!

For now, here are the pages, images are linked to the download. :)
If you find these useful and download them, please leave a comment. 

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  1. Thanks, I would like to do this for my daughter's class, I have talked with her teacher and then I found these so I am following your lead (even though they are in 2nd grade!).
    Are you having the parents send letters to the school for the kids to read on that day??