Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[So Grateful]

It's been a whirlwind of a day. . .but I couldn't go to bed without a big shout-out to a few friends for their help today!

Sammy, Chantel, Sky, Joanne, Kylee, and Blake - THANK YOU for tackling not only my to do list, but my "I think this is what I want to do" list!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE how my room looks now and am so very grateful for your help!

Tonight I spent the evening at Willow Valley registration.
Willow Valley.
Where Kenton SHOULD be attending 7th grade.  :(
So many of his friends were there in their TEAM KENTON shirts!
His sweet friend Mady had the great idea of a TEAM KENTON day.  LOVE THAT!!

So many more of his friends purchased shirts and reminder bands.
Lots of his teachers stopped to talk to me (yesterday and today).

He's going to be missed by many many people this school year.
From what I'm learning from other moms of kiddos with cancer, the support we're receiving from Willow Valley is so totally different than their experiences with their schools.  How grateful to have the Willow Valley Staff on our side, willing to work with us and do whatever it takes to help Kenton not only "get through" this year, but be ready to move on with his buddies next year!  So grateful for an amazing school!

The support we have from this community is AMAZING!
I've cried many many tears this week.
Mostly tears of joy and gratitude.
So grateful for the continued prayers and support!

Thank you, sweet friends.
Couldn't do this without ALL of you!!
Have a great week!
Thanks for giving us reasons to be grateful.

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  1. I am keeping Kenton and your family in my prayers.