Sunday, August 19, 2012


T Minus 4 and counting. . .  ;)

School starts on THURSDAY!!!

This year I have a little one in my class that has a pretty high level of anxiety about "popping" sounds.  I learned this toward the end of the year last year and had been mulling around in my mind a way to help get past this fear.

I'd seen this idea floating around the blog world for an end of year countdown celebration.
I knew that it would be a fun way to start the year, and am HOPING it will help move my little one's fear of the loud "pop" into a level of tolerance.

Wishful thinking?
But worth a shot.

And. . .it's going to be AWESOME for my 25 littles to have something fun to look forward to every day for the first 25 days of school!

If you're looking for a fun "welcome to first grade" kind of activity (or even a fun family celebration for the first 25 days of school - or as a Christmas countdown - or really anything!!), the image is linked.

PS:  I found super cute tiny bottles of bubbles at Target - 12 in a package for about $2.50.   And Play-Doh (the REAL stuff) - 15 little tubs in a package for about $5.

Have a great year!


  1. As always, great stuff!
    Thanks, friend!

  2. I hope your 'experiment' works. These look like some fun activities to help celebrate the start of the year. Thanks for sharing your Target finds too. I'll have to check that out.