Friday, June 8, 2012

[Cops and Robbers] Math Fluency BUNDLE SALE!

This game was a favorite in my class this year!
They LOVE the element of chance involved.  I loved that because it wasn't a game based on speed, even my slower computers had an equal opportunity to win.  :)

Cops and Robbers sells for $2 each function at Teacher's Notebook.

But. . .you can buy the FULL SET (addition, subtraction, AND multiplication) for $5 ONLY at Latter-Day Crafters!

Seriously a great game to play with your kiddos!
With my more advanced kids, I combined the addition/subtraction cards.
They LOVED that!

I'm running a sale at Teacher's Notebook and would like to do the same kind of thing at Latter-Day Crafters. . .so. . .now through June 16, I will reward you with FREE product equal to the amount you spend at Latter-Day Crafters!  Buy the $5 Cops and Robbers Pack, and I'll send you $5 of FREE resources! 

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Hi Deb, I would love to try the cobs & robbers you have here. Not sure how to do the store. Do I set up an account to pay online?
    What other great ideas do you think I need to buy? I just got done w/my daughter's wedding daughter & still trying to organize everything after the fact. It may take me some time but thinking I need to start working on organizing my school stuff too. Any ideas? Thanks again for everything.