Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[writing resource binder covers] cuteness

Our school has been on a year long quest to create a writing resource binder within each grade level.
As the year comes to a close, we must submit our binders for review to our principal as part of our end of year check out.
Well, we can't very well walk into check out with a plain old binder, now can we?!
So. . .Dana picked up the binders and the dividers and made the labels, and I created the covers/spines.

Now to choose which one to use. . .
The yellow one is my favorite of all.  I *think* Lisa will like the red one best.  And I *think* Dana will like the purple one.  But. . .who knows with the three of us!  I'll just let them choose.  It's easier that way.  For me at least.  ;)

All elements used courtesy of Dandelion Dust Designs.

Cuteness, no?
Want one?

I'm giving away ONE binder cover/spine file (you'll need to print on 12x12 paper at your local printer).  To participate, leave a comment with a link to your favorite writing activity on your blog.  One random winner will get one of these custom made binder cover/spine files - you'll get to choose your favorite - I'll change the words if you'd like!

Winner will be chosen tomorrow morning (5/23/12) around 7 am.


  1. Um, I kind of LOVE them all!!!

  2. You guess right! I love it!!
    Many thanks,

  3. They are all so darn cute!!! I would have a hard time picking which one I like best!!

  4. Super cute! I just found your blog on a top 50 blogs list. Maybe this is a silly question, but how are you getting a 12x12 scrapbook design to fit a binder?
    Stories by Storie