Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Someone stop this crazy merry-go-round, please!
I want to get off for a minute!

I'm working on a fun "trade" or "no trade" game, but it's taking much longer than I'd planned.
I hope to have it posted by tomorrow.

I WILL have it posted tomorrow IF I can finish my math final tonight.  ;)

LOVED having that random day off yesterday.
Little Miss took us on an awesome bike ride.  We played a lot.  It was a great day!
But now, it's back to reality.

Happy Wednesday!

(Or as one of my littles said on Monday. . ."Today is Monday, but it's really Friday becuase it's a Friday schedule, and then Tuesday is a Saturday, and then Wednesday is like a Monday, Thursday is like a Tuesday, and then we have another Friday on Friday!  This week is just weird."  Yes, little friend, it is a weird week!)

So. . .happy Monday on a Wednesday for my CCSD friends!

1 comment:

  1. What 'dya mean it's Wednesday???
    I'm so tired it feels like a thousand Fridays.
    Hang on, friend!