Friday, March 16, 2012

[Chickity Chick Brainiac Pack] 20 page kit and a freebie

Looking for some early bird work? Or maybe some fast finisher work? Or maybe some whole class review pages that cover a bunch of first grade common core topics all at the same time?
This Chickity Chick Brainiac Pack does just that! 20 pages of concept review covers core areas in math and language arts. Each week the math concept changes. Your kiddos will be reviewing sentence editing, comprehension, spelling, number bonds, counting by 2, counting on and back by 10, comparing 2 two digit numbers, and adding 3 digits.

I can't wait to practice with Chickity Chick for the next 4 weeks.  :)
You can purchase the entire pack (20 pages!) on Teacher's Notebook for only $5!
Seriously a heck of a good deal!
Combine the preview below with all of the previews on TN and you'll see each week's work.

Not sure how this will work for you?
Here's a freebie sample. . .clip art is Alice Smith for DigiWebStudio.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, wow I love this I am the first one to post. I know I am 2 hours ahead of you but I am still up on a Friday night checking out your blog. Thanks again for all the freebies,
    Thanks, Jackie

  2. I love the way that you have included so many skills on one page! This is quite a review.

    First Grade Delight