Thursday, March 15, 2012

[Are ya' lion?] Are ya' a tiger? Are ya' lyin' about lyin?

I have this friend.
He's pretty hilarious.
Or thinks he is anyway, lol.
When we were in college and working graveyard shift at a local manufacturing company, he'd ask the weirdest questions.
When I'd answer, he'd always ask, "Are ya' lyin'?"
"Are ya' a tiger?"
"Ummm. . .no."
"Are ya' lyin' about lyin'? 'Cause ya' can't lie about lyin'!"

Anyway. . .that's the totally unnecessary background knowledge (which I've been reading this oh so fascinating book about how background knowledge is a necessary component into comprehension) so you can comprehend my blog post title.  And maybe understand why I chose to have the kids feed the "lying" equations to the lion. . .or maybe not.  Maybe it will just make you realize that I really am as weird as you thought.


Anyway. . .(the most common used word to transition to a totally different topic or to return a group to the topic that was supposed to be the main topic). . .

Are ya' LION?
Simply wonderfully adorably awesome clip art from Michelle at Cre8tive Hands (you MUST go check out her blog if you haven't yet!!!) will make a fun subtraction fact practice for your littles (1.OA.7 – Understand the meaning of the equal sign, and determine if equations involving addition and subtraction are true or false).

Image is linked.
Love it?  Take it, enjoy it, pin it, say thank you. ;)
Happy Thursday!


  1. I like the "lion" pun! I can sneak in a mini-lesson on homophones!

    Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you liked my Magic Number sheet! :)


  2. Sounds interesting. Lol.
    This looks like a fun game for the kiddies. Thank you.

  3. My firsties will love this math practice. Thanks for all your hard work on these freebies. It is greatly appreciated. I am excited to check out your other things & will let you know. Thanks again, Jackie

  4. Thanks. Can't wait to try this...