Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Left Right Center] double digit adding single digit and multiples of ten

Heidi over at Swamp Frog First Graders had this awesome game over on her blog that matched up with her reading program.
I adapted it to play with my kiddos using our spelling list words.
They LOVED it!
They loved it so much that they asked me to make a set to practice addition. And one to practice subtraction. And one for next week's spelling words. And. . .yeah. They really really like this game. A lot.
So. . .here are the cards that feature double digit numbers adding with single digit numbers and some adding with multiples of ten.
The image is linked to the PDF download of these fact cards.
If you take these, a comment of thanks would be appreciated!
Happy {almost} weekend!

Images used are from MelonHeadzIllustrating.


  1. Thanks for this version as well!! You are too kind!


  2. Too cute! Thanks!!

  3. :) I'm smiling all over! LOVE it! xox

  4. I LOVE these games!! I downloaded both versions and I may even copy these to go home with parents at our Math night on Wednesday! Fantastic - thanks!!

    Learn, Laugh, Grow

  5. These are GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing this. I am definitly using these this week.

    I'm your newest follower. :) Hope you can stop by my blog, visit, and enter my giveaway. :) $10 to Scrappin Doodles! :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  6. I love this and so did my kiddos :) I saw this on Pinterest last week and downloaded it but now I'm your newest follower :) Thanks for sharing! You are fabulous :)

    Lisa :) (new follower)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade