Thursday, August 11, 2011

[stomach ache]

I spent 4 hours in my classroom/at school yesterday.
I cleared 6 drawers out.
Completely empty.
3 of my BIG cupboards are organized and accessible.
Here's my problem. . .
My classroom is part of the old media center from the "new part" of the "old part" of our school.  So, while the room itself is incredible (it's big and has an awesome area in the back perfect for those times when our first grade team wants to have all of our little munchkins together in the same place at the same time.  I have a piano.  Storage, however, is a bit of an oddity.  I have 4 big cupboards along the bottom of a really long shelf.  Along the bottom of that really long shelf, I also have 4 rows of small, shallow drawers.  6 drawers in each row.  Next to those are 2 rows of slightly larger, still very shallow drawers.  And 1 row of long (think posterboard size), but still very shallow drawers.  Above the shelf, I have 5 fairly good size cupboards.  In the back area, I have a row of bookshelves.  I have 3 pillars dividing the areas that have 4 "study areas" on each one.  I want to utilize those for stations.  Not just piling.  My piano and filing cabinets (2 that are next to the piano) have dangerous, treacherous, leaning towers of stuff on them that also needs to be dealt with.

Till now, I have had random treasures stored wherever they landed when I moved into this room.  I have treasures left from previous teachers stored in those shallow drawers.  I have piles of crap important stuff stored in cupboards with no rhyme or reason.

My goal for this week (to be finished by Saturday) is to clear the drawers, the cupboards, the counter, the pillars, the piano/filing cabinets and have everything sorted, organized, and labeled.  I have a lot to do.  And not a lot of time.  And it's giving me a stomach ache.

But it will be fabulous when I'm finished.  Perhaps I can bribe my children into helping?  They can certainly sort things?  Or maybe I'll just rent them unlimited movies and let them hang out in the back of the room watching movies all day.  For the next 3 days.  That would win me mom of the year awards for sure.  Uuuggghh.  Why did I wait so long to start this project?!


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