Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Chocolate needed.STAT!]

2 days under my belt.
I'm exhausted.
Like go to bed at 8:32 pm and not feel a single bit guilty kind of exhausted.
Like take a 2 hour nap on Sunday afternoon kind of exhausted.
Like random episodes of crying exhausted.
Like my feet and legs hurt so bad I want to scream exhausted.
Yep.  It's that bad.

But it's going to get better.
I'm already loving my new little kiddos!
They're awesome.
And they're learning so fast!
By the end of next week, they'll be near professional first graders.
And then the real fun begins!
I can't wait!

With the first few days of school come exhaustion, and the need for comfort foods.
Porcupines. All Day Steak. Texas Sheet Cake.
All are easy. Fast. Delicious.
Recipes are posted over on my other blog (

Best of luck this week!
I'm looking forward to a wonderful week of learning, laughing, and loving.
First grade is AWESOME!

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  1. girl I will get the sheet cake and you get the forks.