Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[addition houses]

Here's a fun little activity that I do with my kiddos (1 page each day, correlating with the number of the day) at the start of the year.  We talk about all of the addition facts that "live" at each "house."  We use manipulatives and an addition mat to work out the facts, recording each fact as we discover it.  The kids LOVE this one!  I save the "family house" till day 11, let them decorate the cover on day 12, then bind the whole book and send it home. 
Image is linked to the download.  Download includes a cover, houses 1-10, and a family house.

If you take this, please let me know by commenting.  Thanks!
As always, please do not claim ownership.  Do not share the actual file.  Directing your friends here to download their own copy is expected.

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