Friday, July 22, 2011

[happy birthday!] genuine writing for first graders

Birthdays are a BIG deal.
They're an even bigger deal when you are 6.  :)
Every time a friend in our class has a birthday, or half birthday for those summer birthday kiddos, we create a birthday book for that friend.  Each student in the class fills out one of these sheets, the birthday kiddo creates a cover, I put a binding on it, and BINGO! a birthday book. 
We read the birthday book together at the end of the day and then send it home with the birthday child.
We've even been known to create these for other teachers/staff at our school.
I would recommend creating an anchor chart of adjectives for the kiddos to use when they are filling in the "I hope your day is. . ." line.  Otherwise, you'll get "grate" or "osum" from 99% of your class.  ;)
Please leave a comment if you choose to download this file.

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  1. Good heavens Deb! You are so creative! Please tell me that someday my creative brain will kick in! Thanks for sharing all your fantastic ideas! I've never thought about doing a birthday book before. It's such a great idea that they can treasure for a long time! You rock!