Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[emotion words] a writing "cheat sheet"

I like my dog.  I like my mom.  I like my toys.  I am happy.
Pretty typical first grade story, right?  Uuuuuggghhh.  I quickly tire of the "I like" stories and the "I feel good, I feel happy" type sentences.
I'm going to introduce this little guide sheet to my first graders in September.  We'll do a shared writing project first, with each of the faces on a poster, with the students' words describing that face written on the poster to serve as an anchor chart.  After we've spent a few minutes each day creating our anchor charts, I'll give my little monsters these guide sheets, allowing them to choose their favorite three words to tell about each face.  They'll keep this in their desks as a resource to use during writing time.
Now to figure out a way to combat the "I like. . ." stories!
Happy Wednesday!


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