Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Spelling Favorites}

These spelling activities are favorites in my classroom!
The students especially enjoy the Horse Race game!!
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Happy Spelling!

For Spelling Bingo, because we have 12 words on our spelling lists, the students write each word in two different boxes.  I have the words on sticks in a can (each word on 2 sticks).  We draw the sticks out and cover the words with Unifix cubes.  Students get bingo by covering 5 in a row (up and down, side to side, or on a diagonal).  We play three rounds when we play.
Round 1: I draw the sticks from the can, spell the word out loud, and the students respond by saying the word out loud as they cover that word with a cube.
Round 2: I draw the sticks from the can, say the word, and the students respond by spelling the word out loud as they cover it with a cube.
Round 3: SPEED ROUND! I draw the sticks out of the can fairly quickly, alternating spelling/saying the chosen word.  This can get pretty crazy, but they LOVE it!

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  1. I love these spelling games! We also have 12 words in our spelling units (we use Pathways to Spelling) so these will be perfect! Thank you!