Monday, March 24, 2014

[pure awesomeness]

Well, awesomeness according to me, anyway.  ;)
I've had a lot of absences this year.  And regardless of how prepared I think I am, I always find myself scrambling to have academic projects for my sub to do with my class, especially when, for example, the math lesson is something new that I absolutely can't (control freak that I am!) allow a sub to teach!
These little "packs" are perfect for those days!  Each pack takes between 2 and 3 hours (depending on your class) to complete.  That's 10-15 hours of material for only $5!  It's print, copy, and go!  
I've used these in my classroom to teach/practice non-fiction reading/writing about a topic - my kids LOVE these little books!  And they LOVE that they can write a report like the big kids after gathering a few facts from their prior knowledge and the little book.
These 5 "packs" include "L" animals...lions, leopards, ladybugs, lizards, and llamas.  So much fun!  :)
I've linked the images to Teacher's Notebook.  Take a look, leave a comment letting me know what you think.  Wednesday (March 26) night, I'll choose one comment to receive the entire pack absolutely free!!
If you leave a suggestion in your comment about a "5 pack" you'd like to see, and if I choose to create that pack, I'll send it to you free! 
Make sure you leave an e-mail address with your comment!  Happy Spring!


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  2. Love how complete it is!! I have had to be out for so many trainings this year and this would be such an easy way to keep my littles engaged with something that's actually meaningful.

  3. How about a "general" pack that could be used to write about themselves or classmates... Biography/Autobiography. :)

    Your best fan.