Sunday, November 25, 2012

[BIG sale!] {December Daily Review}

December Daily Review (15 pages of review!) has just been posted at Teacher's Notebook.
Normally priced at $3, it's on sale through Monday night at only $1.50!
(Add the Teacher's Notebook THANK YOU discount of 10% after that, and you're paying a mere $1.35!!!)
That's LESS THAN TEN CENTS A PAGE for awesome daily review for your class!  :)
You're welcome.
Have a great week!
PS:  EVERYTHING in my Teacher's Notebook shop is marked at 50% off through Monday night - PLUS, you get an extra 10% off at checkout, so your total discount is 55% off original prices!

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  1. Hi there,
    Hope all is well with your family! I haven't posted for awhile on your, but tried to download this freebie but it was fuzzy. I need to get my firsties to write more but really not sure how to go about it bc our writing program is not very good! Thanks, Jackie