Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Writing Adventures]

We're currently on day 3 of our narrative writing adventure in our classroom.
We're writing about the first day of school.
Taking it day by day makes it a LOT easier to get a finished product, but it sure is a long, drawn-out, crazy process!

Here's the link to my Narrative Writing pack on Teacher's Notebook.

It's a good, solid, research based writing pack.
My favorite part is that it helps my littles get some really good word choice in their stories - especially after we do a few narrative writing adventures as a whole class before I turn them loose (and I use that term very very lightly, lol) to write on their own.

Last night I was doing a little bit of searching to find some other stuff to add to my Writing Binder and came upon this: The How of Writing: First-Graders Learn Craft from the National Writing Project.

I.Can't.Wait to do this with my littles!

What a fun little group I have this year.  They have awesome personalities and so much energy!  They're getting into a good routine and learning to follow our class rules.

One of my cute moms knew yesterday would be a tough day for me and brought me the cutest survival kit.  Why, yes, that is an ice cold diet coke tied up all fancy like with a Hershey bar.  :)
We had our Room Parent Tea yesterday.
I have over half of my moms signed up to help with parties and such.  :)
Yay for awesome helpers!

We get to start Learning Stations on Monday - I finally got that schedule put together.
Super excited about that!

Kenton started radiation therapy yesterday.  Twice a day for 4 days.
Round 1 went well.
Round 2?  Not so much.  Made him sick.
He threw up a couple of times and has a really sore jaw.
We girls are missing our boys and counting the sleeps till we see them again.
Sure do LOVE LOVE LOVE these two little monsters of mine!
Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers and for following my little bloggity blog.

Happy Wednesday!
Have a great day!


  1. This looks like a great writing tool. My kids love to write and tell stories and this would be helpful for them.

    I am praying for you all during this stage of Kenton's treatment.


  2. This looks awesome! I really need to work on my kids writing. I have a slower group this year with getting anything done. I need to set an account yet for these. Would love to know more about your Learning stations!
    Thinking of you during this time for you & your family! Thanks, Jackie