Sunday, August 12, 2012

[It's been a while. . .] and POW! tens

It's been a while!
Thanks for sticking with me.
Things are going as well as can be expected on the home front.
As always, you can check updates on that at Team Kenton.

One day when I was at the hospital with Kenton (last week sometime), I kept thinking of this game that I wanted for my classroom.  So I made it.  :)
And I printed it, laminated it, cut it apart, and made Kenton play it with me.
He LOVED it!
And today, I made McKayslin and Luke play it with us.
McKayslin LOVED it also!
(Luke, not so much because he kept getting beat, lol).

I didn't know if I'd be able to share or sell it because of copyright restrictions.
So I asked Dustin Pike (DoodleDragonStudios) for direction.
His response was that if the art was credited to him, I was within copyright.
So. . .here it is.

POW! ten.
You'll love it!
Your kids will love it!
They'll be proficient in facts of ten in no time at all!
It's a fast paced game (seriously less than 5 minutes per round - that's with 2 players - when all four of us were playing, it was about a 3 minute round).
Very little prep on your part - just print, laminate (if you wish), cut, and play.

Now. . .here's the deal.
POW! ten is only available at Teacher's Notebook.
It's 3 bucks.
3 little dollars.

BUT. . . as a special thank you for still following this poor neglected blog. . .if you purchase POW! ten in the next 24 hours (deadline is Monday, August 14, 9:00 pm) AND leave feedback at Teacher's Notebook, I'll send you POW! eleven, twelve, thirteen. . .all the way to POW! eighteen absolutely FREE!  I will be adding these to my Teacher's Notebook shop soon.  You can have them ready to use in your classroom before school starts before I even list them!  :)

Just be sure to leave either a comment HERE with a valid e-mail address or leave a valid e-mail address when you leave feedback at Teacher's Notebook so I know where to send your bonus files.

Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a fun game and we love Dudley around here.

  2. Glad to have you back! Hope all is going well on he home front. How soon do you have to be back at school? I started Friday & kids come this Wed. Take care! Thanks so much! Jackie

  3. Awesome game! Thanks for sharing. Hang in there. I'm still sending lots of prayers your way. So glad to hear things are going better this time.
    Sheree Peterson