Friday, May 25, 2012

[Ideas] It's one of those writing trait thingies

Remember a few posts back. . .the one with the cute binder covers?
The one where I talked about our year long adventure in creating a writing resource binder?
Yep, that one.  :)

I have been exploring blog-world for things to add to my little resource binder and found this incredible idea from Connie at Welcome To First Grade Room 5.

Seriously a brilliant idea!
I wish I would have done this earlier in the year.
But I'm not that smart.
We did it yesterday.
My kids were super excited to have a "list" of writing ideas!
They worked on their own pages as I completed one on the projection system.
I'll have to take some pictures to add.  Adorable!

It was then time for our last writing assessment of the year.
Complete silence as they worked for over 30 minutes writing/illustrating.
Oh, if Connie lived by me, I'd be taking her a giant bag of M&M's as a thank you!
(That silence and hard work was exactly what this frazzled teacher was needing!!).

And the stories?!

Looking for an idea sheet to help your writers?
You need to stop over and visit Connie first - leave her a little comment love, and then stop by my Facebook page for the link to pick up today's Facebook Friday Freebie.

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Have a great day!


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog in your post!! This is the first time another blogger has done this, since I am fairly new at blogging. It was so thoughtful of you!!!!!
    P.S. I wish I lived by you because I do LOVE M&M's!

  2. What a fun idea. I might have to do this with my kids over the summer. They love to write stories and draw pictures to go with them.

  3. Yes, We have had a wonderful day! It is really something to write about! Free Listing Friday was a big success! We even added one of your World Famous Fast Play Math Fact Fluency Packs to our Store. Here is the link that will take you there. Have a Wonderful Day!

  4. That writing list is a neat one, but have you seen the hearts? Check out the link below.