Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[oh.my.what.a.day] AND Bunny Hop Subtraction FREE download!

I knew this time change thingy was going to cause a few issues.
I was C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y unaware of just how rough this day was going to be.
My littles were tired. Not just ordinary tired.  So tired we can't remember how to write our names tired.  So tired we have forgotten the class rules tired.  So tired we can't focus because we're half asleep tired.
Long story short?  It was a tough day.
Tomorrow will be better.  Right?  Please tell me it will.

We're starting our subtraction topic.
(So tired we've forgotten what subtraction is tired!).
Ummmm. . .we needed some help.
Thanks to one of my awesome QC friends (waving hi to Amelia!!), I already had this game prepped and ready to go for today because she said we were going to need more subtraction practice.  Wowie-wow-wow was she ever right!

We played Bunny Hop Subtraction today.
3 times.
It was that kind of day.

Don't worry.  We did phonics.  And spelling.  And math.
We had reading groups.
All is well.

Back to Bunny Hop Subtraction!
This is a game I've seen many different places.
Certainly NOT my original idea (I *think* the original idea came from the School Bell site).
It's always a favorite.
And when you add cute bunnies (courtesy of Nikki at MelonHeadz) and the facts you need the most help with, well, you know you have a winner.

Image is linked.
Take it. Love it. Use it. Pin it.
COMMENT on it.  ;)
The non-colored version (for those of us who aren't lucky enough/are too cheap to have/use a colored printer) is HERE!

One suggestion (which is what I'm going to do because the sheer volume of the cards was a *leetle-bit-overwhelming*) is to pull out only one "set" of cards (ie: only the cards that are subtracting 2).  Let the littles get really REALLY good at subtracting twos.  Then add in the subtracting threes.  Once they're professionals at subtracting twos and threes, add in the fours.  Or, you can be mean like me, and because we need the most work on subtracting nines, we'll start with those.  (Insert evil laugh here).

And now I'm going home to sit in my chair and stare at the wall in complete silence.
With a really big Diet Coke and a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.


  1. I know what you mean about the tiredness. I struggle to keep myself going through the day. It's been harder to get the kids out of bed in the morning. I hope we all adjust soon.
    Thank you for the fun game.

  2. I'm kinda thinking a bowl of movie theater popcorn with a cherry coke sounds really goo. Thanks for the freebie too!

    First Grade Delight

  3. Wow, your day sounds a lot like mine. I don't know about you but I REALLY HATE this Day Light Savings Time. Who's idea was it anyway- certainly not a teachers or a mothers. Love the subtraction game. Just what I needed to complete my math stations. Thanks!

  4. I with you Day Light Saving Time is messing me up too. Thanks for the freebie. I am excitied to use it next month.

  5. Daylight Saving Time is messing me up too! I've been exhausted the past 3 mornings and today I'm up at 4 and ready to go! Geesh!
    Thanks for the cute game! My kids are going to love it in their math workstations!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  6. This game is too cute! Thanks for the freebie! I'm totally with you - cookies and coke - sounds like the perfect way to "adjust" to springing forward!

  7. This is so cute! Thank you for the *freebie*! =)

    Heather's Heart