Thursday, February 9, 2012

[WINNER!!} and Sight Word Smash

Big thanks to those of you who entered the give-away!
I had random(dot)Bubba choose a winner (while he was eating breakfast, lol).
His choice was "2" - congrats, Laurie!

Of course, random(dot)Goose wanted a vote, also, so here she is all sleepy eyed and crazy haired, marking her vote for "9" - congrats, Delighted!
I've e-mailed your files.  Enjoy!  :)

My class LOVED this game yesterday!
I am working on a few additional card sets to go with In the Doghouse and will let you know when those are available.

Today's FREEBIE is a Sight Word Smash game.
Words for this game came from the DOLCH FIRST GRADE list.
Image is linked.
Let me know what you think.  :)

(And opening night of Pirates of Penzance for my Bubba who plays Lt. Samuel!! Just a bit of excitement at our house today!)