Monday, February 27, 2012

[SCOOT!] the ANALOG CLOCK edition

Here's version 2 of TIME SCOOT!
I call this one the Analog Clock Edition - students have to draw the hands on analog clocks to match the time shown on the digital clocks.  This is always just a little more difficult for my littles than writing the digital time from an analog clock.  Good practice.  :)
Hour and Half Hour are included (you'll notice that the times are the same as the digital edition - the same numbers - because I'm working to create a recording form that has both the plain clock and the blank digital clock so you can mix and match the cards for an even better assessment tool! - Look for that little treasure tomorrow).
CCSS 1.MD.3 - Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.
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Clip art is from Clip Art, Etc. (click the bar under my blog header to visit their awesome site!).
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Have a great week!

(I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to survive this week - I spent 5 of the last 7 days in my pjs watching tv spending time with my own little sickies!  Little M is feeling so much better!  However, Bubs now has strep.  Sigh.  He's been on meds since Saturday and is on the road to recovery - you know, watching endless episodes of The A-Team on Netflix while snuggled into a blanket on the couch)


  1. Thanks for this great idea. I only read about this "scoot" game yesterday but I am excited about how I made be able to use this idea in my classroom.
    I also read about "Scoot and Slide" on another blog too.
    Sounds like a great way to get kids moving but still doing lots of work.
    The Learning Curvever

  2. Thanks for sharing it!! My students love scoot and this will be a good review with time!


    An Education Lasts a Lifetime

  3. Thank you for sharing this version.
    Glad to hear Little M is feeling better. I hope your son is back to normal real soon.

  4. mykids always need practice on tome and this is a greatway. thanks

  5. Love this. Our unit on time is coming up.
    Dragonflies in First