Friday, February 24, 2012

[Pig Tac Toe] SALE!!!

I've updated the Pig Tac Toe addition and subtraction games!

(That's what happens when you're home all day for 3 days with a little sickie who alternates between please snuggle me and I want nothing to do with you because I feel so incredibly miserable! )

Addition has all facts 0-10.
Subtraction has all facts 0-10.
Multiplication has all facts0-12.

AND. . .they're on sale for one week only!
HALF PRICE ($1.50 per set) in my Teacher's Notebook Store!

(I'm saving up for a new lens for my camera - I get to be the stake girls' camp photographer in June and really really NEED a new lens, so any purchase is greatly appreciated!!)

Looking for an even better deal?  Purchase all THREE sets of Pig Tac Toe, and I'll send you any other item from my shop absolutely free!  Just leave me a comment when you check out letting me know which item you'd like!

The FIRST friend to leave a comment will get one set of their choice FREE!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Super duper cute!! I really like the subtraction game!

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. Aww man I missed the number 1 spot... oh well cute games!

  3. Same here, I missed it & I already checked your blog today. Hope your little one is feeling better! Jackie